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Trained Telemarketers

Our Service Includes:

Finding the best telemarketing talent
Recruiting that talent for $3/hr
Training them for specific insurance lines
Training them on Predictive Dialer Technology

Your Total Investment:

We have discounts for these and will get you that information upon ordering.

  • $1,295 ONE-TIME per Telemarketer
  • $150 MONTHLY for your predictive dialer account (Per TM)
  • $60 MONTHLY data for your dialer
  • $3 per hour for your telemarketer.

Very important! Watch this:

Why Have Your Own Telemarketer?
Only by controlling the quality of your own leads can you be free of lead resellers and stop wasting time with junk provided by lead vendors who are only interested in QUANTITY vs. QUALITY.
No Longer At the Mercy of Lead Vendors!
Why Hire a Trained Telemarketer?

We have found great value in hiring Filipino Telemarketers. They speak good English, understand and appreciate hard work, are dedicated, and are extremely affordable for American businesses.

By hiring a Filipino telemarketer for $3 an hour, you will have a dedicated worker experienced in cold calling who will be generating leads for YOUR business. She will remove the frustration and time involved in generating leads. 

Some audio samples...

Sample 1:

Sample 2:

Sample 3:


You can now focus on what you are good at - communicating with interested prospects, providing value to them - and growing your business at a faster pace.

But Why can't I just hire my own?

You absolutely can find, recruit, hire, and train your own telemarketer.

However, many agents have told us that they are just too busy to tinker with the process. We have the hiring and training process down to a science and can deliver proven results in record time without the hassles and time away from your production.

You can have a fully-trained lead generating telemarketer all to yourself for a one-time investment.

guarantee-seal-300x221Get your telemarketer Risk-Free 

We are so confident that your telemarketer will produce for you that if you are not satisfied within 30 days, your telemarketer will be replaced at no charge.   See the order page for details.

Avoid Frustration and Hassle

Secure your own, exclusive telemarketer and start selling more!
One-Time Only Payment per Telemarketer

Secure your own, exclusive telemarketer and start selling more!

Can I specify which telemarketer I want?
No. The telemarketer assigned will be the best available telemarketer that has proven themselves to be able to work the dialer and deliver English in a clear way. Please understand that they are chosen based on experience, will be replaced if they do not work out, but we cannot accept male/female/young/old, etc. selection choices.

Can I hire multiple telemarketers?
Yes, in fact, most agents end up with between 2 to 5 telemarketers to keep them busy writing applications all the time. Starting with one, at 20 hours per week, will definitely start filling your pipeline. You will then likely want more. No problem. We can fill them for you if you'd like. Some are ordering many at once to start. We can do that, too.

What Additional Costs are Involved?
After your screened, hired, and trained telemarketer is delivered to you, the only on-going costs are paying them directly. This is done by Paypal or Xoom and the cost is $3 per hour. Most employers find that employing their telemarketer for 20 hours per week gives the maximum impact. You must also maintain your own predictive dialer account for them to use and the data you choose for your dialer.

How many leads can be expected?
One lead per hour, per telemarketer, is the goal. However, this can be impacted by the area you've chosen to call into and the quality of the data provided. These are leads that are generated to your exact specifications using a predictive dialer. So, you should be able to expect a minimum of 15 to 25 leads per week for $60. This equates to a cost of $3 to $5 per real-time, exclusive, customized lead to your specifications.

How are the leads delivered?
The easiest way to set up is the have the leads delivered to you by e-mail. You can also be notified by text message via the email-to-text link provided by your cell carrier.
The BEST practice is to have your telemarketer transfer the lead to you directly, while they're still on the phone. We can also have the information entered directly into your CRM. *We can also create a special form that enters the lead directly into your CRM - ask us about this additional service.

What is the best practice for lead management?
If you connect with these leads immediately, you have the highest probability of an ultimate close. Calling within 5 minutes is best practice. If you wait 24 hours, your chance goes down significantly.
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